Abrasive Sandpaper Disc Die Cutting Machinery

Abrasive Sandpaper Disc Die Cutting Machinery

Sandpaper/ Abrasive disc cutting machine Model No.: THANCO3-300,350,400,500 Application: This machine is suitable for cutting leather, plastic, canvas, nylon, paper board, vacuum forming, composite materials, sporting goods (ball), sandpaper, medicine, foam, packaging, facial mask, powder...

Product Details

Sandpaper/ Abrasive disc cutting machine
Model No.: THANCO3-300,350,400,500

This machine is suitable for cutting leather, plastic, canvas, nylon, paper board, vacuum forming, 
composite materials, sporting goods (ball), sandpaper, medicine, foam, packaging, facial mask, powder puffsole, upper and various kinds of synthetic materials one layer or layers material of roll shape.Especially 
for cutting small die cutter, regular, bulk parts such as football, volleyball, tennis, grinding wheel cutting 
slices, facial mask, powder puff, soles and uppers etc.

1) Double oil cylinders,precision four-column auto-balancing link structure, which can guarantee uniform cutting depth of each cutting position.

2) Precision ball screw drive is adopted for accurate positioning movement and stable operation.

3) Rubber  roll  auto-feeding  by  air-operated  or  manual,  PLC  touch  screen  program  control  the  distance of  traveling head automatically sides way and rubber roll automatically feed.

4) Special cutting mode such as automatic dislocation , reducing cutting times, which can reduce wastage and save raw materials.

5) It has three cutting operating mode such as manual, semi-auto and full-automatic. When cutting in  full-automatic mode, operator only need pick up the finished product directly without interruption, which can   greatly increase work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

6) Electromagnetic(or permanent magnetic) chuck can be equipped together with the traveling head, which  can simply & quickly adsorb the cutting die.

7) When cutting, using the safety grating to ensures high safety of operators.


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