Automatic Abrasive Disc Cutting Machine For Sandpaper

Automatic Abrasive Disc Cutting Machine For Sandpaper

Sandpaper/ Abrasive disc cutting machine Model No.: THANCO3-300,350,400,500 Application: This machine is suitable for cutting leather, plastic, canvas, nylon, paper board, vacuum forming, composite materials, sporting goods (ball), sandpaper, medicine, foam, packaging, facial mask, powder...
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Product Details

Automatic Abrasive Disc Cutting Machine for Sandpaper
Model No.: THANCO3-300,350,400,500


Automatic travel head die cutting presses (with materail auto-feeding by double clips) is suitable for continuously cutting large batch of regular (or same specification) non-metallic coiled material by the cutting die.

It is especially suitable for cutting such as sports goods (ball), abrasives (abrasive paper), shoes (sole, insole, shoe-pad, upper of a shoe ), medical supplies and etc.

Basic Characteristics

Precise hydraulic press

Servo motor raw material feeding system

Efficient disc punching

PLC control system to save labor& increase accuracy

Easy operation


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