Hydraulic Automatic Sand Abrasive Paper Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Automatic Sand Abrasive Paper Cutting Machine

Product Features 1.Have two hands operation function, that is very safe. 2.The machine may add concerning unit, that saves labour. 3.Steady cutting power. 4.Using differential oil way, cut is rapid and easy. 5.The lifting position of pressing board can be freely set to reduce idle travel and...

Product Details

Product Features

1.Have two hands operation function, that is very safe.

2.The machine may add concerning unit, that saves labour.

3.Steady cutting power.

4.Using differential oil way, cut is rapid and easy.

5.The lifting position of pressing board can be freely set to reduce idle travel and enhance work efficiency.

6.The movement of cutting head is controlled by automatic speed variation to realize flexible movement with high speed and accurate positioning and without impact.

7.The hydraulic system specially designed is featured by low noise and low oil consumption.

8.With traveling head frame,very reliable and easy to operate.

9. Low power absorption.

10. Dynamic brake system, which improves performances and reduces the consumption of translations systems.

11. Automatic adjustment of cutting power.

12.Products of special specifications can be customized.   

Product advantage

1.Fast, quiet and easy to operate.

2.All standard die constructions can be used – strip steel, wood forme or forged steel.

3.Powered head traverse for effortless operation 

4.Simple, accurate die setting and daylight adjustment 

5.Quiet, vibration free operation

6. Use a hydraulic-down and hydraulic-up system to provide an even cutting depth 

7. High speed

8. Die height and material height can be set quickly 

9. Cut materials in single or multiple layers

10. Complete with high grade polypropylene cutting board and operating manual.



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