Cylinder Die Cutting Press Machine

Cylinder Die Cutting Press Machine

Specifications o f cylinder die cutting press machine: Model: THANCO-922 Cutting Table: 900*430mm Arm Width: 370mm Maximum Cutting Power: 22 tons Maximum stoke: 100mm Advantages of cylinder die cutting press machine: This swing beam cutting press is extremely simple to use with easy adjustment...

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Specifications of cylinder die cutting press machine:

Model: THANCO-922   

Cutting Table: 900*430mm   

Arm Width:  370mm   

Maximum Cutting Power:  22 tons   

Maximum stoke:  100mm   

Advantages of cylinder die cutting press machine:

This swing beam cutting press is extremely simple to use with easy adjustment of the cutting stroke, an 

operator can switch between multiple height cutting dies without any setting or adjustment.


The control push buttons are ergonomic, so allowing the operator increased comfort. The push buttons are controlled by a two hand safety relay, meaning the buttons need to be activated 5/10ths/sec between each other too allow cutting stroke activation, and requires constant activation to maintain a cut stroke.


The cutting power is easily adjusted if required through the movement of a simple potentiometer on the cutting beam.

Cylinder Die Cutting Press Machine

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