Hydraulic Automatic Travel Head Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Automatic Travel Head Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters: Product features: 1. Automatic Hydraulic cutting Machine is applicable to continuous and large-batch cutting of nonmetal materials such as fabric leather, carpet, rubber and cloth etc. in large-scale factories by die cutter. 2. Use PLC computer touch screen to control...

Product Details

Technical Parameters:

Maximum cutting force60T                          100T
Cutting area1250*800mm1250/1600*1200mm
Motor power5.5KW11KW
Tension Distance25-135mm25-135mm
Machine weight7500kg10500kg

Product features:

1. Automatic Hydraulic cutting Machine is applicable to continuous and large-batch cutting of nonmetal materials such as fabric leather, carpet, rubber and cloth etc. in large-scale factories by die cutter.

2. Use PLC computer touch screen to control procedures, servo motor driver conveying system, insure feeding accurate range, with stable running speed

3. The main machine is controlled by four-column guiding, double-crank balancing, four-column blocking fine adjustment mechanism and hydraulic control system, which can guarantee the speed and accuracy of die cutting machine. 

 4.All movable connecting parts are equipped with central oil supply automatic lubricating device, which can raise abrasive resisitance

 5. The input and output of materials are conveyed on the conveying belt, and the die cutting of materials is also automatically completed on the conveying belt.

 6.The die cutter is fastened by pneumatic clamp device to make the replacement of die cutter easily.

 7. Products of special specifications can be customized.

Product applications:

This hydraulic cutting machine is mainly suitable for die cutting single or multiple layers of nonmetal rolled materials by die cutter. It is widly used in many industries, such as:

Automotive interior

Sheet material industry supplies

Floor mats

Abrasives, abrasive paper

Leather and leathergoods – shoe uppers, wallets, purses, belts

Lampshades – fabric or plastic, with or without cut outs

Clothing – components for hats, ties, collars, shoulder pads

Cork gaskets and mats

Filters for machinery, breathing apparatus and the medical industry

Foam and sponge – gaskets, packaging, consumer products

Footwear components – shoes, insoles, insole socks, uppers, straps

Plastics – PVC binders, lampshades, stationery products, gifts, novelties, gaskets

Rubber – gaskets, seals, washers

Textiles – sample swatches and pattern books, underwear and outerwear components, hats, ties

Toys – soft toys, advertising novelties, mini jig-saw puzzles, etc.



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