automatic Beam cutting press

- Apr 24, 2019-

The automatic feeding cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine. It adopts a four-column double cylinder structure to achieve high-tonnage cutting and save energy consumption. The single-sided or double-sided automatic feeding device is added on the basis of the precision four-column cutting machine, which improves the efficiency and safety of the machine tool and improves the production efficiency of the whole machine by two to three times. Automatic feeding cutting machine is suitable for leather processing, garment industry, shoe industry, luggage industry, packaging industry, toy industry, stationery industry, automobile industry. Forming knife mold for leather, rubber, plastic, cardboard, cloth, foam, nylon , artificial leather, PVC board and other materials cutting operations.

Single side automatic feeding cutting machine

The English name of the cutting machine is Cutter Maching, which means a cutting machine. It is a processing machine used in industrial production to punch various flexible materials. 

Double-sided automatic feeding cutting machine

According to the habits of different places, many different names are matched. In foreign countries, people call it a cutting machine; in Taiwan, people call it a cutting machine based on the coincidence of its English transliteration with Chinese meaning; in Hong Kong, people call it a beer machine according to its function; on the mainland, people follow it. The use is called a cutting machine.

The cutting machine is located in the coastal areas of China, and there are some corresponding names for this product. For example, Guangdong people call it a beer machine. Fujian people call it a punching machine. Wenzhou people call it a blanking machine. Shanghai people call it a cutting machine. In some places, it is called a cutting machine, a punching machine, a shoe machine, and so on. All these names naturally form the keyword of the cutting machine. In fact, most people are still used to calling it a cutting machine.