Automatic cutting machine maintenance method

- Apr 02, 2019-

Maintenance is a daily flow that maintains the technical functions defined by the equipment. Repair is a flow of troubleshooting and recovery of equipment technology. When the cutting machine is in use, the various parts are fatigued, worn, deformed, eroded, aging, etc., resulting in continuous decrease in production accuracy, and reduced performance, which will affect the quality of the machine production. Even when the situation is severe, it may even cause The equipment is down. Maintenance is the flow of technology taken by performing a maintenance and repair of the cutting machine, minimizing the degree of deterioration of the machine, extending the service life of the cutting machine, maintaining or restoring the functions defined by the machine. Maintenance of automatic cutting machine maintenance includes inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and abnormal handling of equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cutting machine, reduce wear, protect production accuracy and extend service life, the machine needs to be properly lubricated, maintained and maintained.

First, the inspection of the cutting machine The main inspection of the cutting machine is daily inspection. Mainly for the equipment pressure, abnormal sound, vibration, looseness, flow, pressure, temperature rise, etc. The machine function and the working condition can be judged from the appearance of the equipment in the operating state, the state of the simple instrument and the state of the processed product, such as the speed, pressure, temperature, punching accuracy, noise and hydraulic pressure of the mechanical cutting machine bearing. The oil quality and leakage of the cutting machine, etc. In short, it is necessary to determine the location, cycle, etc. of the inspection according to the characteristics of the cutting machine function, the complexity, the importance of the quality of the product, etc., in order to prepare the repair site, time and technical preparation.

Second, the lubrication of the cutting machine Lubrication cutting machine is to reduce the wear and tear of each part in operation, is an important measure to avoid failure. If the mechanical cutting machine bearing is poorly lubricated, it may cause accidents such as fever and seizure. Therefore, lubrication work is one of the important contents of maintaining the cutting machine. The method of lubrication "five-fixing" is implemented, which routineizes, standardizes, dictates, refines, and records daily lubrication work.

The details are:

1. Fixed point: First determine the parts to be lubricated, lubrication points and check points.

2, the quality: according to the machine imitation list of the oil brand oil.

3. Quantitative: Determine the amount of oil added to the equipment to prevent spillage and management equipment from leaking oil.

4. On schedule: Refuel, add oil and clean oil according to regular time to ensure timely lubrication.

5, person: determine the staff of the lubrication work, responsibility to people.

Third, the maintenance and maintenance requirements of the machine for the daily maintenance of the cutting machine, the operator is responsible. The manipulator must know the structure of the equipment and the maintenance and maintenance procedures.

1. Check the main parts of the machine before starting work and add lubricant.

2, strictly in accordance with the equipment operating procedures to use the equipment, always pay attention to observe the operation of the equipment, found that the right to deal with.

3. Before the end of the work, the cutting machine should be cleaned once and the friction surface should be coated with lubricating oil.

4. Under normal working conditions, the cutting machine should be inspected and cleaned once every two weeks.