Automatic cutting machine safety operation procedures

- Mar 21, 2019-

1) The operator should check the safety switch buttons such as manual switch, infrared device and brake switch before starting the machine;

2) Before the operation, the obstacles around the equipment and the debris of the equipment running parts are cleaned up, which is the normal operation of the equipment;

3) Equipment that has been shut down for more than 5 hours or more, need to idle for about 10 minutes before re-operation, to observe whether the equipment is running normally and the benefits of the heat engine;

4) If you need to leave the job for a short time during the operation, please press the brake switch or stop the power supply;

5) It is strictly forbidden to extend the human body into the cutting area to prevent injury on the human body;

6) If the cutter needs to set the product, please clear the board debris, set it at the center position, and start the 04 setting switch;

7) Regularly check the condition of the chassis lubrication system;

8) Do not operate the hands during the operation of the equipment. Do not put your hand into the cutting area;

9) If vibration or noise occurs during operation of the equipment, the brake switch should be used immediately to stop the operation of the equipment and call for professional machine repair inspection;

10) It is strictly forbidden for multiple people to operate at the same time to prevent malfunctions that do not need to be disordered;

11) It is strictly forbidden to pay attention to matters unrelated to the current work when operating the equipment, and concentrate;

12) It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment overloaded.