Cutting point adjustment notes of hydraulic cutting machine

- Mar 27, 2019-

1. After the die setting work is completed, place the cut material on the rubber plate, then place the die on the material, and then push the feed plate into the cutting area.

2. Press the cutting switch at the same time with both hands. At this time, the cutting plate is lowered and pressurized to the die. After the cutting die cuts the material, it automatically rises to the position before starting to stop.

3. When the cutting machine is punching the material, if it is found that the material is not completely cut, adjust the cutting depth controller to rotate the “pressure system” clockwise in the opposite direction; if the die is pressed into the rubber plate too deep, the pressure system will be “pressure system”. "Rotate counterclockwise. The longer the adjustment time, the deeper the cutting depth. Try to adjust until the die is pressed slightly into the rubber plate.

4. Pull the feeding plate out of the cutting area, take out the cut material, and complete a blanking process.