Cutting precautions for cutting machines

- Jan 02, 2019-

(1), cutting machine must concentrate on the work, not only to maintain a clear head, but also to rational operation of power tools.

It is strictly forbidden to operate the cutter after exhaustion, drink or doping, medication. 

(2), power lines must be safe and reliable, strictly prohibit private pull, careful power cord placement, do not be cut off.

The performance of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure that the parts are intact.

(3), wear suitable overalls, do not pass through the loose overalls, not to wear jewelry or long hair, strictly prohibited to wear gloves and cuffs do not buckle and operate.

(4), the processing of the workpiece must be firmly clamped, strictly prohibit the workpiece clamping is not tight on the start of cutting.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to grind the burr of the workpiece on the surface of the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking.

(6), when cutting the operator must deviate from the front of the grinding wheel, and wear protective glasses.

(7), it is strictly forbidden to use the existing defective grinding wheel, cutting should prevent the splash of Mars, and away from flammable and explosive items.

(8), clamping the workpiece should be clamped smoothly and securely, the shield must be installed correctly, after clamping should be turned on air transport inspection, there must be no jitter and abnormal noise. 

(9), in the middle of the replacement of new cutting pieces or grinding wheel tablets, do not push the locking nut too hard to prevent the saw blade or grinding wheel cracking occurred unexpectedly.