Development trend of die cutting machine

- Jan 02, 2019-

First, the import volume of die-cutting machine declined, and exports are constantly improving. According to customs statistics: 2002 imported mold-made equipment 461 units, 25.291 million U.S. dollars; 2003 imported 455 units, 26.028 million U.S. dollars; 2004 1~3 only 213 units, 17.151 million US dollars; The annual import trend is expected to decline.

Exports of 765 units, 10.861 million United States dollars in 2002; Exports of 1066 units in 2003, 13.893 million United States dollars; exports of 958 units and 15.591 million United States dollars in the 2004 1~3 quarter, with annual exports expected to exceed last year. Second, the variety of die-cutting machine basically meet the domestic printing and packaging industry production needs. Domestic has been able to manufacture including automatic flat die-cutting machine and other trademark die-machine, non-dry adhesive trademark die-cutting machines, circular die-cutter, round flattening die-cutter, flat die-cut pressure cutter (tiger mouth mold cutter) and other products, has been able to manufacture linkage line of die-cut units, such as: Flexo printing presses, gravure printing presses Corrugated printing slotting machine and other equipment die-cutting unit.