Equipment installation and maintenance information of hudraulic cutting machine

- Mar 26, 2019-

(1) Equipment installation must be carried out in accordance with the regulations of Kanazawa Hydraulic Works.

(2) Basic installation requirements for hydraulic equipment and piping auxiliary equipment shall be provided to the user.

(3) The user's manual or technical information of the hydraulic equipment must be provided to the user, including:

Schematic diagram of the hydraulic system of the cutting machine and piping diagram, including the model and specification list of the hydraulic components; the pressure setting value of each hydraulic control valve; the amount of oil required to be charged into the system to the highest liquid level; the specified working fluid type and Viscosity range; relevant operating schedules for electrical and mechanical control components; identification marks at both ends of the pipeline.

Hydraulic system working principle and instructions for use.

Hydraulic system debugging methods and steps

Construction and working principle of special hydraulic components, disassembly and assembly methods and disassembly tools.

Maintenance method for special components and components

Requirements for testing, maintenance, test points, fuel filler ports, drain ports, sampling ports, oil filters, etc.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods for hydraulic systems