How to judge the quality of hydraulic cutting machine

- Apr 03, 2019-

First, the appearance

In addition to the chassis, the exterior will basically spray color, according to customer needs. Look at the appearance not only look at the surface layer, but also look inside, such as: cylinder, chassis, workbench; four-column platen. In particular, you need to touch the upper platen by hand to check the difference between the new machine and the old machine.

Second, the sound

The sound can not only identify the quality of the cutting machine, but also confirm whether it is a new machine. Under normal circumstances, there is no possibility of noise in the new machine. Even if it is used for more than 10 years, it will be rare. Only when the motor energy is exhausted will it produce an abnormal noise. If the sand noise is emitted, it will prove that the machine has a problem.

Third, electrical control box

The electrical control box of the automatic cutting machine generally does not need a key, and can be opened at hand. Check whether the circuit inside the chassis is normal or neat, and whether the material is normal can be seen at a glance.

Fourth, the test machine

This work is very important, you can wear your own materials to the factory test machine, 1 can detect whether the operation is flexible; 2 can detect the production efficiency of the automatic cutting machine; 3 can detect the quality of the product after punching.