how to remove oil leaking of swing arm beam press cutting machine

- Mar 13, 2019-

1. The oil pipe joint needs to be locked and there is no oil leakage. When the oil pipe is in operation, the oil pipe should not be rubbed to prevent damage.

2. When the oil pipe is to be dismantled, the block should be placed at the bottom of the pressure plate to lower the pressure plate to the outside of the block to prevent a large amount of circulating oil from leaking out.

3, pay attention to the motor should be completely stopped without pressure, in order to remove the oil pressure system parts.

4, the tank hydraulic oil must be replaced after about 2400 hours, especially the first time the new machine is replaced with oil in about 2000 hours. The oil filter must be cleaned after about 500 hours of installation or replacement of the new machine, or it must be cleaned when the noise of the pump is increased. Whenever the hydraulic oil is changed, the fuel tank must be thoroughly cleaned. The hydraulic oil should be at least 30 mm higher than the oil filter net, but the fuel tank should not be filled. It should be 2/3 to 3/4 of the tank height.

5. Keep electrical parts clean at all times.

6, the machine should be cleaned before going to work every day, the more difficult it is to clean up after a long time, by the way check whether the screws are loose, so as to lock.

7. If the machine is not operating, stop the motor as much as possible.

8. Each sliding position should be refueled once a week.