Hydraulic cutting machine cleaning process and specific operations

- Apr 03, 2019-

The automatic cutting machine is a necessary machine for the light industry, and the demand for the cutting machine in China is still very large. Taking the hydraulic components and hydraulic valves of the key components of hydraulic components as an example, the cleaning is complicated, and there are different cleaning requirements before and after different processes, and corresponding cleaning equipment applications are corresponding.

The production process of hydraulic pumps and valves is generally: machining - intermediate cleaning, thermal deburring, rust cleaning, honing, final cleaning, and assembly.

The hydraulic pump valve has a complicated structure, deep holes, cross holes, and many curved holes. It is necessary to have mechanical movement of parts and continuous circulation filtration of the cleaning liquid, and it is possible to clean with a combination of powerful ultrasonic functions.

Intermediate cleaning

The role of the intermediate cleaning is to remove a large amount of chips and emulsion after machining, and to achieve complete drying, in order to facilitate the next thermal deburring process. In the presence of water, the effect of thermal deburring can be greatly affected. At the same time, the surface temperature of the part will be around 90 °C, so that the moisture on the surface of the part will produce a boiling evaporation effect and dry quickly.

Rust cleaning

At the high temperature of thermal deburring, the surface of the part will oxidize and produce a large amount of floating rust. If it is cleaned with strong acid, since the parts are mostly cast iron, it will cause corrosion on the surface and inside of the parts.

Final cleaning

For hydraulic pumps, the valve requires a high degree of cleanliness, and the maximum residual metal particle size is generally not more than 600um. In order to meet this requirement, in addition to the use of immersion jet technology, a good filtration system is required. The application of vacuum drying technology allows users to have longer inventory time and more flexible delivery time