installation steps of four column cutting machine

- May 07, 2019-

The debugging procedure of the precision four-column cutting machine is ready for the machine placement position. The three-phase power supply, before the 46th anti-wear hydraulic oil machine is placed, the spare rubber pad is placed at the machine foot, and the machine foot wire is fixed.

Install the spare two brackets. Use a hexagonal wire cutter to open the cover in the middle of the machine, No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. After the machine is connected to electricity, (three fire lines, one ground wire) after connecting the line, turn on the power switch of the machine, turn on the power switch immediately after turning on the working switch of the oil pump; the staff face the fan blades of the motor and see if the motor fan blades are clockwise or reverse When the hour hand turns, it must be turned clockwise.

If the motor fan blade rotates counterclockwise, in the case of power failure, the position of a live wire can be arbitrarily adjusted. The machine is warmed up, the cutting depth is adjusted to close the setting switch, the setting handle is moved down to the middle position, and the hand is pressed by the row cutting button to preheat the machine for more than ten times.

Place a pallet on the work surface (the plank can be lifted, white up), put a nylon pad on the pallet (the size of the pad is as large as the work surface), the pad is in the middle position; In the middle of the board, the knife edge is facing down.

After the release, push the pallet into the machine work surface, the edge of the pad is exactly the same as the edge of the machine work surface. Release the setting handle (turn the handle counterclockwise) to open the setting switch. At this point, the machine descends and presses the die, the pad, and the pallet.

Move the setting handle up and down a few times to prevent the setting from coming down. Tighten the setting handle (clockwise) to close the setting switch. Pull out the pallet and place the material (waste material) under the die (the blade facing material), then push the pallet into the work surface, and the edge of the pad is aligned with the edge of the work surface. At this point, look at the cutting depth must be otherwise it will damage the die.

Press the button on the top of the machine with both hands, and then pull out the pallet to see if the material is cut. If it is not cut, fine-tune the cutting depth, adjust a scale and try to see the effect; if it is not cut, then adjust a scale and try again; there is still one point that has not been cut, then adjust the half-scale and try again.

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