Introduction to precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine

- Apr 18, 2019-

It uses double balance bar, double cylinder, four column, automatic balance, automatic lubrication, fully automatic, full hydraulic design

The operation is simple, safe, power-saving, strong cutting force, stable force and convenient maintenance.

The English name of the cutting machine is Cutter Maching, which means a cutting machine. It is a processing machine used in industrial production to punch various flexible materials. This kind of machine matches many different names according to local customs. In foreign countries, people call it a cutting machine; in Taiwan, people call it a cutting machine based on the coincidence of its English transliteration with Chinese meaning; in Hong Kong, people call it a beer machine according to its function; on the mainland, people follow it. The use is called a cutting machine.

Precision four-column cutting machine internal structure diagram

The internal structure of the precision four-column cutting machine is in the coastal areas of China, and there are some corresponding titles for this product. For example, Guangdong people call it a cutting machine. Fujian people call it a punching machine. Wenzhou people call it a blanking machine. Shanghai people call it a cutting machine. In some places, it is called a cutting machine, a punching machine, a shoe machine, and so on. All these names naturally form the keyword of the cutting machine. In fact, most people are still used to calling it a cutting machine.