Marks on Thanco hydraulic cutting machines

- Mar 29, 2019-

(1) Each component must be numbered. These part numbers must match the system diagrams and piping diagram installation drawings. These part numbers or letters are on the device adjacent to the component and are not labeled on the component.

(2) The component orifices, including the pilot port, test port and drain port, must be clearly and permanently marked and consistent with those on the circuit diagram.

(3) On the electrical and hydraulic system diagrams, the markings of the electrical controls are identical.

(4) The cartridge valve and other control components (damper, shuttle valve, check valve) installed in the oil circuit board must be marked near the inspection and removal port. When the inspection port is located at one or several When the component is underneath, the identification mark must be provided near the component and the word “built-in” should be marked.