Operating procedure of hydraulic beam press

- Mar 12, 2019-

1. Obey the general safety technical operation rules of metal cutting machine tools.

Second, the work site should be clean and tidy, and the remaining materials, oil and water should be removed in time. Workpieces and materials should not be placed in a random manner to prevent obstruction and blockage of the passage.

Third, the tools and fixtures used must be in good condition and placed in the prescribed places. No tools, workpieces, and other objects are allowed on the workbench.

4. Before starting the sawing machine, it should be inspected in detail before the equipment is in good condition and normal.

5. The tool and workpiece must be properly clamped and secure. When there are oil and relatively large workpieces on the loading and unloading surface, the board should be padded first, and it is not allowed to use the pad to prevent falling and bruising.

6. When using the vehicle to carry out lifting and loading and unloading the workpiece, the relevant provisions of the driving safety operation rules shall be observed. The person under the hanging object is not allowed to stand, and the human body cannot be used to balance the workpiece.

Seven, the cutting equipment in the process of cutting, people should stand in a safe position.

8. The sawing machine equipment is not allowed to repair the equipment during operation.

9. When the next long workpiece is placed, there should be signs and sheds to prevent injury during the cutting process.

10. When the unloading equipment is in operation, the operator is not allowed to leave the job.

11. If the power is cut off halfway, the electric door should be closed.

12. If abnormal conditions are found during the work, stop immediately and ask the relevant personnel to check.

13. After the work is finished, turn off the power. The work is done.