Packaging of die-cutting machine

- Jan 02, 2019-

Die-cutting machine is mainly used in paper packaging and decoration industry trademarks, cartons, greeting cards, such as die-cutting, indentation and cold pressure convex operations, is the post-press packaging processing and molding of important equipment. Die-cutting Machine type die-cutting machine according to the different forms of imprint, mainly divided into round pressure circle, round flattening, flat flattening three types. According to the form of the template placement can be divided into vertical and horizontal two kinds. According to the degree of Automation manual (semi-automatic) and automatic two. From the functional point of view, in addition to die-cutting, there is a bronzing function, called hot stamping die cutter, some with automatic waste cleaning function, called to do clear waste die-cutting machine. Circular die-cutting machine is characterized by line contact, small die-cutting pressure, high production efficiency, can be with offset press, Flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine and other printing equipment linked to the line die-cutting, so the application range is relatively wide.