Process characteristics of clicker press machine

- Mar 15, 2019-

The shoe-making equipment has a swingable arm punch structure, which is a process requirement for natural leather cutting. When the swing arm is removed from the surface of the natural leather on the workbench, the cutter mold has larger operation space and better lighting and visual effects during material selection and discharge, so as to avoid disability and uneven texture. The surface with inconsistent elongation is punched out with qualified shoes. The craft characteristics of the machine determine that it is particularly suitable for the blanking of leather uppers. Reasonable material selection can not only improve the appearance quality of the upper surface, but also facilitate the processing quality of the process of cutting, folding, sewing and other processes after cutting, especially the correct selection of elongation, and can also improve the stretching and shaping. quality. Reasonable discharge (parallel discharge, oblique discharge, herringbone discharge) can save raw materials as much as possible.