Safety requirements of hydraulic cutting machine

- Mar 26, 2019-

When designing a system for a fully automatic cutting machine hydraulic plant, various possible accidents should be considered. The selection, application, configuration and adjustment of components should first consider the safety of personnel; once an accident occurs, the damage of the equipment should be minimized.

(1) There must be overvoltage protection in the system.

(2) When designing the system, the components should be located at easy assembly and disassembly, and must be safely adjusted and work.

(3) The design and adjustment of the system must minimize the impact pressure. Impact pressure and loss of pressure should not cause danger.

(4) All components in the system must have a certificate of conformity.

(5) All components in the system must be operated in accordance with the regulations of the manufacturer selected by Kanazawa Hydraulic Works.

(6) For hydraulic systems used in special situations such as severe pollution, high humidity, flammable environment, high altitude (above 1000m) and severe cold, suppliers and users must agree on special site requirements.