Structure and performance of hydraulic clicker press

- Mar 18, 2019-

The shoe-making equipment is hydraulically driven, featuring smooth transmission, large punching force, accurate punching and low power. It is mainly composed of a transmission mechanism, a swing arm punching mechanism, and a stroke control mechanism. The transmission mechanism is composed of hydraulic components such as oil pump motor & electromagnetic follow-up reversing valve and punching cylinder. Thanks to the hydraulic follow-up technology and the differential speed-increasing circuit, under the condition of greatly reducing the flow rate of the oil pump, not only can sufficient punching force and punching speed be maintained, but also the motor power can be greatly reduced. Compared with similar models, this machine can save energy. The swing arm punching mechanism is composed of a swing arm (punch), a rotating shaft and a punching cylinder, and a joystick. The swing arm (punch) can be swung along the rotating shaft under the push of the handle and completely removed from the top of the table, so that the die has better lighting and visual effects in material selection and discharge. The lower part of the vertical shaft at the rear end of the swing arm is a punching cylinder. Turn the handle to adjust the distance between the swing arm and the table. The joystick and the upper button can make the swing arm produce punching motion. The stroke control mechanism is composed of a handle and an upper button, a fine adjustment knob, and a control element in the electric control box. When punching, the swing arm is quickly punched down as long as the handles and the buttons on the hands are used. When the die is subjected to the punching force, the pressure of the hydraulic system rises, and the stroke control mechanism automatically recognizes the thickness of the material to be punched. Once the die cuts the thickness of the material, the swing arm automatically returns upwards and stops at the setting by the handle Location.