swing arm clicker press manual

- Mar 15, 2019-

Preparation before operation:

1. Clean the machine and check if the power is normal and the machine is running normally.

2. The operator wears protective equipment.

3. Before starting the machine, check whether the safety device is complete. If the safety device is missing or the safety device is invalid, it must be reported to the mechanic to install or repair it.

4. Turn on the power switch of the machine to energize the machine, the motor starts to run, the cutting head rises to the position, and the height of the cutting head is to be adjusted. Please turn the stroke adjustment wheel in the clockwise direction to cut the head down, otherwise up.

5. Turn the counter selector to the "ON" position and reset to zero.

6. Place the material in the material tank.

Operating procedures:

1. Pull the material from the material tank to the cutting mat and lay it flat.

2. Place the die on the material, and first turn the pressure switch selector to the "ON" position, then adjust the cutting depth timer to the zero position, press the left and right operating levers, and you must continue to press the operating lever. The lever can be released until the end of the cut, and the cutting head will rise because it does not hold the lever and cannot maintain the correct cutting point.

3. Check whether the material is cut. If there is no cutting, fine-tune the cutting depth timer and adjust it clockwise. Adjust the spacing of each half or smaller until the cutting position. Otherwise, rotate counterclockwise until the material is cut. It will not clamp the die on the cutting mat.

4. If the cutting depth timer is set to zero and the cutting die is still clamped in the cutting pad, the pressure switch selector must be turned to the "OFF" position. At this time, the height of the cutting head is set. You can no longer adjust the stroke adjustment wheel. Otherwise, the cutting depth will be changed, causing the cutting to be inaccurate. Then adjust the cutting depth timer to the appropriate position and adjust it in a clockwise direction every half or smaller, until the cutting, otherwise Rotate counterclockwise until the material is cut and the cutter is not clamped on the cutting mat.

5. Adjust the depth of the die and turn the setting wheel.

6. After adjusting the die, put the material you are smashing until the material is just cut off and the file cannot be too deep into the raft.

7. When the cutting machine rises, put the file on the material to be adjusted, and adjust the distance between the lower platen and the die to about 1-3cm.

8. At the end of the operation, turn off the power switch and stop the operation.