what is a clicker press

- Mar 14, 2019-

There are many types of cutting machines, and various types of cutting machines play different roles in different usage scenarios. Today we want to learn from you about some of the relevant knowledge about the rocker cutting machine. Let's take a brief look at the following. Let's go!

Energy-saving motor, low-noise vane pump, lever balance principle, and two-axis automatic balance, which can save power by increasing the motor load per one-segment

What is a clicker press:

The latest Italian oil circuit design, optimize the oil circuit system, reduce the useless power, strong pressure, energy saving

Applications of clicker press:

Suitable for shoes, garments, leather goods, bags, automotive interiors, blankets, hats, wood, clothing, packaging, toys, stationery, stationery, elastic sponges, polyurethane processing, air conditioning refrigeration, double-sided adhesive, cardboard , nylon, pearl cotton, PVC board, PE board, PP board, paper tube, medical, cork, plastic, floor, corrugated board, synthetic material, filter, foam, rubber, yoga mat, artificial flower, non-woven Cloth, non-metallic materials and other industries cut, cut, cut.