About The Application Range And Type Introduction Of The Cutting Machine

- Jun 10, 2019-

About the application range and type introduction of the cutting machine

The cutting machine should be a necessary machine in the light industry. Therefore, the cutting machine in our country is a very common type of machine. After all, the use of the cutting machine is extremely extensive. Let’s take a brief look at the cutting machine. It can be applied in the industry!

Its function is mainly to use the forming die to obtain the desired sheet or semi-finished product by punching action.

It is suitable for processing flexible sheet materials such as leather, cloth, textile, plastic, rubber, cardboard, felt, asbestos, fiberglass, cork and other synthetic materials.

Widely used in: leather processing industry, footwear industry, leather goods industry, handbag industry, garment industry, glove industry, hat industry, toy industry, stationery industry, plastics industry, pearl cotton industry, sponge industry, carpet industry, plastic industry, Silk industry, handicraft industry, hanging industry, embroidery industry, paper industry, jigsaw and model industry, sports equipment industry, electronics industry, automobile industry and other light industry.

The cutting machine is not only used very widely, but also has a very wide variety of types. It can be divided into many types of cutting machines with more dynamic structure or operation mode. Let's take a look at it!

The conventional cutting machine consists of power, transmission mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system, diaphragm pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, self-priming pump, magnetic pumping mechanism, feeding mechanism, operating system, lubrication system, safety. The system consists of twelve parts: the system, the indenter and the fuselage.

According to different models, there are also unique structures, such as: head moving mechanism, automatic balancing mechanism, cutting plate displacement mechanism. Depending on the performance of the application, other auxiliary devices are sometimes added.