About The Grinding Principle And Function Of The Cutting Machine

- Jul 30, 2019-

The cutting machine is a mechanical type that the light industry necessarily needs. The use and production of the cutting machine is quite perfect in China, but there is still a lot of understanding of the cutting machine. I don’t know much about it. After all, simple operation knows that one sentence is enough. A brief understanding of the grinding principle of the cutting machine!

Grinding is the removal of a fine metal layer from the surface of the workpiece by abrasive particles on the surface of the grinding wheel.

The individual work of each abrasive grain can be regarded as a turning tool with a negative rake angle, and the whole grinding wheel can be regarded as a milling cutter with a multi-JJ tooth, but the cutter teeth are composed of many scattered sharp edges. The shape of the cutting edge is large and the distribution is very irregular.

The sharper and more convex abrasive grains can obtain larger cutting thickness and cut out the chips. The less convex abrasive grains only draw fine grooves on the surface of the workpiece, and the workpiece material is squeezed toward the workpiece. The sides of the groove are raised.

Hydraulic cutting machines are blunt or concave abrasive particles that only produce slip on the surface of the workpiece.

Therefore, the actual death of grinding is the combined effect of cutting, scoring and sliding.

Hydraulic swing arm cutting machine