Accuracy Characteristic Index Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- Dec 23, 2020-

Accuracy characteristic index of automatic cutting machine

(1) Indicating error of cutting machine. The value error refers to the difference between the water value on the measuring instrument and the truth value to be measured. The value error is a comprehensive reflection of the errors of the measuring instrument itself. The indication error is the precision index of measuring instrument. Generally speaking, the smaller the indication error is, the higher the accuracy will be. Therefore, the error of indication varies from point to point in the instrument. In general, a measuring block or other measuring instrument with appropriate accuracy can be used to determine the indication error of a ship. The error of various instruments can be obtained from the instruction or verification.

(2) Repair stop value of the whole plate feeding cutting machine (check stop value). Is the misalignment of the measuring instrument in the doorway. In order to improve the measuring precision, the denier error of the measuring device is often subtracted from the measuring towel by algebraic method. The measurement error of a negative measuring instrument is the correction of the error.

(3) Value variation of intelligent cutting machine. The change in value refers to the condition that the measurement conditions remain unchanged. Repeat measurement for the same measurement for many times (generally i-IO times), and the maximum range of value variation is indicated. The smaller the range of variation, the higher the accuracy of the measuring instrument.

(4) Static measurement of hydraulic cutting machine. It means that the measured part surface and the measuring instrument probe are in a static state during the measurement. For example, measuring axle diameter with a layman's dry divider, measuring gear tooth distance with a gear grader, etc. Static measuring nails also refer to those that are measured as being fixed during the measurement.

(5) Dynamic measurement of the gantry cutting machine. It means that the measured part surface is in relative motion state with the measuring instrument head when measuring, or the measuring process is to simulate the motion state of the parts when working or processing, it can reflect the process of the measured parameters change in the production process. For example. The surface roughness is measured by electric profilometer and the precision line rule is measured by laser lengthier. Dynamic measurement is also sometimes referred to as the change of time (or other influencing factors) during the measurement period.

The specific measurement process of an automatic cutting machine often has the characteristics of multiple measurement methods at the same time. For example, the photoelectric rangefinder belongs to the category of non-contact measurement, absolute measurement and direct measurement. Generally, the selection of measurement methods should consider the structural characteristics, precision requirements, production volume, technical conditions and measurement costs of the measured objects.