Adjustment Mode Of Four-column Cutting Machine

- Dec 16, 2020-

1. Position of the upper stroke limit of the cutting machine: The upper stroke limit refers to the position of the pressing plate in the non-working state. The distance between the swing arm and the table can be adjusted by the screw device in the column. The distance is related to the height of the knife mold, the thickness of the cutting board and the thickness of the shoe material. The degree is determined by the flexible swing of the pressing plate after placing the knife mold. But some models use a small hand wheel on the press plate and a hydraulic device to adjust the upper height. Although the position of the upper stroke limit is not required to be very precise, too high will affect the blanking efficiency.

2. The upper stroke position of the cutting machine: the lower stroke position refers to the position when the pressing plate cuts the shoe. The fine tuning knob on the rotary platen punch can be used to adjust the lower limit of the stroke through the time relay. During adjustment, the delay time shall be slightly adjusted according to the thickness of the blanked material. But there are also some cutting machine models can be on the general handle of the three-block button, according to the hardness and thickness of the shoe fine-tuning stroke, more convenient operation. The lower limit position of the stroke should be more accurate than the upper limit position and should be carefully adjusted.

After the installation of the machine, it is necessary to ensure complete safety protection devices, circuits and pipelines. Ground the electrical idea properly.

When the machine is being repaired, adjusted, refueled, wiped and checked, the power must be cut off first to avoid danger.

Before turning on the ideator, you must pay attention to the surrounding environment to see if anyone is still working under the machine.

Homework, the work table does not allow the pump placed oil pot, tools, and any irrelevant items.

After the start of the car, if there is an accident, or abnormal noise and jam phenomenon, you must immediately parking inspection.

Do not put your hand into the cutting area during the operation of the machine. Even in the case of parking, do not change or adjust the knife in the cutting area.

It is necessary to check the brake department frequently. Under no circumstances shall there be any double cutting or spontaneous movement (sliding) of the press plate on the cutting machine.