Advantage Of Cutting Machine

- Jul 11, 2019-

The biggest advantage of the cutting machine is the hot melt adhesive.

Each type of cutting machine has its own advantages, otherwise it is impossible to be selected by the customer. Isn't it? The cutting machine is also the same. First of all, in terms of the extensive use of the cutting machine, the consumption of hot melt adhesive is our current There are many advantages to using it in various industries. The advantages are many. Some related articles have been mentioned in the previous articles on our website. They are very detailed about his methods and features.

The requirements for the core tube are lower, but the refueling operation efficiency is lower and the working intensity is also larger. The shaftless cone top type charging is simple and quick, the efficiency is high, and the working strength is low, but the core tube is required to be high, and at the same time, in order to ensure safety, the charging method requires higher processing and assembly quality of the equipment parts and components, and the manufacturing cost is high. It is also relatively high.

As far as the current application in the domestic and foreign markets is concerned, the medium-high speed solvent-free laminating machine (speed 400-600 m/min) basically adopts the air-filled shaft type charging.

In the solventless compounding process, the tension control requirement is higher than that of the ordinary compound. The main reason is that the solvent-free composite initial tack is low, the operation control is difficult, and the quality problem is more likely to occur. In addition, the solventless compounding speed is much higher than that of dry compounding, so in principle the requirements for tension control are more stringent than dry compounding. In the solventless compounding process, the tension after the film is generally applied is slightly larger than the main unwinding tension, the winding tension is slightly larger than the unwinding tension, and the winding taper is controlled within 20%.

No glue is used in this process. It is melted and bonded by flame spraying, and it has a good application in the bonding of plush and deer. And the most important point is that it is environmentally friendly, feels good and washable.