Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine Control Valve

- Nov 01, 2019-

Only the internal leakage of the cutting machine cylinder will have a great influence on the fluctuation of the system pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to screen the cylinder. The specific operation is as follows: Install the pressure gauge on the exhaust hole of the intake circuit of the cylinder (pressure gauge) The indication value is higher than the system working up to 25MPa). Then open and close the cylinder, observe the pressure gauge display value, you can diagnose the cylinder internal leakage (if the loop chamber pressure is higher than the specified value, you can determine the cylinder internal leakage is serious), when the hydraulic cutting machine leaks seriously. It indicates that the cylinder piston seal has been aging and damaged, and the cylinder needs to be replaced. In the past few years, we have detected that the three cylinders have serious internal leakage. And the replacement time was used to ensure the stability and reliability of the 6" HY system.

6 "When the HY system is working, the two pumps are running at the same time (the other one is not turned to standby), and the pressure oil is supplied to the system. When detecting the pump and the wear condition (internal discharge), stop the external oil supply (ie, the execution cylinder is not Work) oil pressure. At this time, the three pumps use the two-two interaction method to detect the highest output pressure and the lowest pressure when the pump is combined, so that it can be determined which pump has the lowest volumetric efficiency, and the slip can be judged. The wear of the plunger is too large. From the theoretical analysis of the hydraulic engineering manual of the cutting machine, the pressure pulsation of the axial piston pump depends on the state of the oil component and the oil distribution plate, and the pressure pulsation coefficient and the oil pump column. Sechang's feet are proportional to the fit clearance.