Advantages Of Making Shoes With Microfiber Leather

- Oct 09, 2019-

Microfiber leather is a relatively advanced leather material, especially in the luggage and footwear industry. More and more big brands are using microfiber leather, but some small and medium-sized leather factories have not been updated because they are not clear. The advantages of fiber leather are specific, and it is also costly. Jingwei is engaged in the production and research and development of leather cutting machines. It can effectively cut microfiber leather and has a deep understanding of the advantages of microfiber leather:

What kind of leather products is microfiber leather? In terms of raw materials, what material is made of microfiber leather? These points, I believe that every customer in the clothing and textile industry knows a little more. Since microfiber leather can replace leather as an important textile material, customers should have a deeper understanding of microfiber leather materials.

First of all, we need to understand that microfiber leather belongs to the category of artificial leather. The product is a new generation of synthetic leather which has been developed from the three-dimensional network structure microfiber nonwoven fabric as the base fabric. It can be called the first. Four generations of artificial leather, which has the same high-quality characteristics as high-grade natural leather. Artificial microfiber leather has the moisture absorption and permeability inherent in natural leather, and surpasses natural leather in chemical resistance, waterproofness and mildew resistance. Therefore, the use of microfiber leather for shoes has become the material of choice for many brands of shoe manufacturers.

The characteristics of the raw materials determine that the microfiber leather has good tear strength, high tensile strength, good folding resistance, good cold resistance, good mildew resistance, thick and finished products, good simulation, VOC (volatile The content of organic compounds is low. The surface is easy to clean and the structure is similar to natural leather.

The shoes made by the simulated leather are more comfortable. Nowadays, many brands of shoes are made of artificial leather on the raw materials. The small series is about the nature of the simulated leather. Let us tell you about the benefits of using shoes to make shoes.

The structure of the shoe leather is made of non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric has good hygroscopicity and breathability. The fastness is also greatly improved. The coating is polyurethane material. Polyurethane has many advantages: due to certain Microporous structure, so the breathability of the footwear is improved, and the hygienic performance is good, and it is wear-resistant, cold-resistant (cooling can maintain softness, not easy to break), solvent resistance, heat resistance, folding resistance, tear resistance, soft and bright Feel comfortable.