Affect Compression Die Of Blister Cutting Machine

- Dec 10, 2020-

What are the factors that affect the compression die of the blister cutting machine?

Blister cutting machines often crush the die for the following three reasons:

1. Problem: Setting excessive accumulation of scurf and dust at the bottom of the guide block, so that the travel switch cannot be contacted when the guide plate is pressed down, thus damaging the knife die;

Solution: Clean up clutter;

Preventive measures: regularly clean the debris beside the machine;

2. Problem: travel switch failure can not transmit signals.

Solution: Replace the new travel switch.

III. Problem: Blister cutting oil circuit fault;

Solution: Please contact professionals for maintenance, do not disassemble for inspection.

When analyzing and selecting the median function of the directional valve in the hydraulic system of the three-position hydraulic cutting machine, the following points are usually considered:

I. System pressure maintenance.

2. System unloading.

3. Commutating stability and accuracy.

4. Start stability. When the valve is in the middle position, if a cavity of the hydraulic cylinder is used to pass the oil tank, there will not be enough oil in the cavity to play a buffering role and the start will not be smooth.

5. Hydraulic cylinder. Horizontal hydraulic cylinder shows "float" state, can use other mechanism to move workbench, adjust its position.