Agility Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine Agile Manufacturing

- Jul 10, 2019-

The definition of agile manufacturing is more accurately and completely pointed out; continuously adopting the latest standardized and specialized network and professional means, with high-quality and well-coordinated staff as the core, based on information integration and sharing, distributed The structure is dynamically combined with various organizations to form an optimized agile manufacturing environment, which can quickly and efficiently realize the reasonable integration of internal and external resources of the cutting machine enterprise and produce products that meet the requirements of users.

The basic definition of agile cutting machine manufacturing: With the characteristics of flexible production technology and dynamic alliance structure, with high-quality and well-coordinated staff as the core, the network integration of enterprise inquiry is implemented to form a socialized manufacturing system that responds quickly to the market.

The agility of agile manufacturing is reflected in continuous variability (products, technology, management models), rapid response components (to adapt to market changes), high quality standards, and low costs. In terms of comprehensive characteristics, agile manufacturing means that manufacturing companies can grasp market opportunities, reorganize production systems in a timely and dynamic manner, and introduce the most profitable, user-approved, high-quality products to the market in the shortest possible time. The end result is a production model that enables mass customization.

Agile cutting machine manufacturing means that manufacturing companies can respond quickly to the market and reorganize production in a timely and dynamic manner: systems that deliver profitable, user-approved, high-quality products to the market. Each agile company can form a competitive, temporary alliance with other companies. Use computer networks to coordinate local, off-site, or even the same manufacturing companies or manufacturing resources, equipment, product designs, or process specifications/integrations for a common purpose. Cutting machine agile manufacturing emphasizes integration and information exchange between enterprises. Among them, the main body of the four-column cutting machine in the agile manufacturing environment is the virtual enterprise, also called the dynamic alliance. * It refers to the concept design of a product of a fruit cutting machine after an organization has been researched by the market and establishes the corresponding project, and then joins the other in this item. The organizations (enterprises) with their own strengths form a dynamic alliance to quickly complete the design and processing of the project and seize the market. After the project is completed, the alliance is dissolved. Allies (all alliance organizations) are interconnected through modern communication technologies, and the ally (the organization that created the project) work together to realize the process of designing and manufacturing the same or different cutting machines.