Analyses Common Faults Of Cutting Machine Hydraulic System And Preventive Measures

- Jan 29, 2021-

The cutting machine manufacturer analyses the common faults of the cutting machine hydraulic system and the preventive measures

1, fever

Due to the transmission medium in the flow process of the various parts of the velocity of the difference, resulting in different degrees of internal friction! Temperature rise may lead to internal and external leakage, reduce its efficiency, however, higher temperature will produce the expansion of hydraulic oil internal pressure, so that the control action can not be very good transfer.


① The use of high quality hydraulic oil

② the layout of the hydraulic pipeline should avoid elbow

③ The use of better pipe fittings and joints hydraulic valves, etc! Heat is an inherent feature of hydraulic systems and cannot be eliminated.

2, leakage

There are two kinds of leakage in hydraulic system: internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to leaks that occur within the system, such as between the sides of the piston and between the valve core and the valve body. Leakage refers to a leak that occurs in an external environment.


① Check whether the joint of the pipe fitting is loose

② The use of good quality seals.

3, vibration

Vibration is caused by the high speed flow of hydraulic oil in the pipeline of the hydraulic cutting machine and the impact caused by the control valve opening and closing process. Too strong vibration amplitude will cause the wrong indication of the system instrument and result in system failure.

The solution

(1) Fix the hydraulic pipeline

(2) To avoid the occurrence of pipe sharp bending and frequent change of hydraulic flow direction, the hydraulic system should have good vibration reduction measures, but also to avoid the impact of external vibration sources on the hydraulic system.

In order to avoid the above problems in the hydraulic system, the following precautions should be taken when using the cutting machine at ordinary times:

1. When starting up every day, let the machine run for 1-2 minutes without load before cutting.

2. When the machine is shut down for more than one day, please relax the setting handle to prevent the related parts from being damaged. In operation, the cutting die should be placed in the middle of the cutting surface (about between the two sides of the tie rod).

3. The machine should be cleaned once a day before work, and the electrical parts should be kept clean at any time. Incidentally check whether the screw is loose, so that the lock.

4. The lubrication system in the body should be checked regularly to see if it works normally. The oil filter in the oil tank should be cleaned once a month. Or feel the oil pump noise to be cleaned. Clean the tank every time the hydraulic oil is changed.

5, pay attention to check and maintain the oil level in the oil tank at any time, the hydraulic oil level should be higher than 30m/m filter oil, but can not fill the oil tank. If there is serious loss, please timely find the cause and take appropriate measures.

6. The hydraulic oil of the oil tank needs to be replaced in about 2400 hours, especially the oil of the new machine needs to be replaced in about 2000 hours. After installation or oil change of the new machine, the oil filter should be cleaned for about 500 hours.

7. The oil pipe and joint should be locked to prevent oil leakage. When the oil pipe is working, the oil pipe should not be rubbed to prevent damage.

8, to remove the tubing should be placed at the bottom of the pressure seat pad, so that the pressure seat down to the pad block to prevent a large number of circulating oil leakage shallow. Note that the motor should stop completely before removing the hydraulic system parts without pressure.

9. If the machine does not operate, the motor must be stopped, otherwise it will greatly reduce the service life of the machine.