Analysis And Influence Of Accuracy Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- May 19, 2020-

The most important aspects of purchasing a cutting machine, the first is definitely the tonnage of the cutting machine, and it must be the cutting accuracy of the cutting machine! The cutting accuracy directly determines the degree of waste of raw materials. The worse the accuracy, the waste of raw materials The more it is, it is definitely not in the interest of the merchant!

First of all, the impact of the low precision of the automatic cutting machine

The impact of the low precision of the cutting machine is not only large but also multi-faceted. The reduction of the accuracy of the cutting machine is likely to lead to a decrease in cutting efficiency. It is mainly manifested in the phenomenon of constant cutting or continuous cutting in the middle, which requires a knife Or scissors to cut off, which also greatly reduces the work efficiency

The accuracy of the cutting machine will cause the consumption of raw materials to be faster and waste more. After cutting for a period of time, the middle of the pad or a certain position will be recessed in advance, and the pad will be scrapped in advance. This invisibly increases the production cost; the knife mold is easy Bad: Dies are often broken for no reason.