Analysis And Influence Of Precision Problems Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- Aug 20, 2020-

Analysis and influence of precision problems of automatic cutting machine

The most important aspects of purchasing a cutting machine, the first is the tonnage of the cutting machine, and it must also be the cutting accuracy of the cutting machine! Cutting accuracy directly determines the degree of waste of raw materials, the worse the accuracy, the waste of raw materials The more, it is definitely not in the interests of the business!

First of all, what are the effects of the low accuracy of the automatic cutting machine

The low precision of the cutting machine has a large impact and it has many aspects. The reduction of the precision of the cutting machine is likely to lead to a decrease in the cutting efficiency, which is mainly manifested in the phenomenon of constant cutting or cutting in the middle, which requires a knife. Or scissors to cut off, which also greatly reduces work efficiency

The reduction of the precision of the cutting machine will result in faster consumption of raw materials and more waste. After cutting for a period of time, the middle or a certain position of the backing plate is recessed in advance, and the backing plate is scrapped in advance, which invisibly increases the production cost; Bad: The die is often broken for no reason.

What factors determine the accuracy of the cutting machine

The accuracy of the machine depends on three aspects: machining accuracy, hydraulic system stability, and electrical control stability. Hydraulic system accessories and electrical components are generally purchased parts, and the quality is as follows: all imported, domestic joint venture brands (of course, this is not absolute), so the basic problem of buying outsourcing parts from major manufacturers or brands is not big. The rest is mainly the mechanical part. Because of the uneven residuals of domestic manufacturers, the machining accuracy and craftsmanship vary greatly.

How to control or reduce the error value of the cutting machine

Control to reduce the accuracy error is divided into two parts: the manufacturer and the user: the manufacturers mentioned above are mainly to strictly control the processing accuracy of the machine and the entire process; as the user, it is mainly to do the machine. Daily maintenance and other work.