Analysis Of Common Failures In Hydraulic System Of Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

- Nov 02, 2020-

1. Fever

Due to the difference in the flow velocity of each part of the transmission medium in the flow process, there is internal friction to different degrees! An increase in temperature may cause internal and external leakage and reduce its efficiency. However, a higher temperature will cause the expansion of the hydraulic oil to increase the internal pressure, and the control action cannot be transmitted well.


①Use high-quality hydraulic oil

② Arrange hydraulic pipelines to avoid elbows

③Use better pipe fittings and joint hydraulic valves, etc.! Heat generation is an inherent feature of hydraulic systems and cannot be eradicated.

2. Leakage

There are two types of hydraulic system leakage: internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to leakage within the system, such as leakage between the sides of the piston and the valve core and valve body. External leakage refers to leakage that occurs in the external environment.


①Check whether the pipe fittings are loose

②Use good quality seals.

3. Vibration

The impact force generated by the high-speed flow of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic cutting machine in the pipeline and the impact generated during the opening and closing of the control valve are the causes of vibration. Excessive vibration amplitude will cause false indications of system precision instruments and cause system failure.


①Fix the hydraulic pipeline

②To avoid sharp bends of pipe fittings and frequent changes of hydraulic flow direction, the hydraulic system should have good vibration damping measures, and avoid external vibration sources that may affect the hydraulic system.