Automatic Cutting Machine Force Is Not Uniform

- Mar 20, 2020-

Why does it cause uneven pressure on both sides of the cutting machine? Pressure uniformity is generally understood to be best when the upper table and the lower table are combined without any gaps. Because the precision of the machine and cutting effect are determined by the upper and lower table together with the size of the gap. Generally do a good manufacturer cutting machine gap value will be controlled below 0.05mm.

First of all, the planeness of the upper table and the lower table itself should be ensured, the general machine tool processing will be guaranteed below 0.05mm, and the connection of the four columns or guide rail of the upper and lower table also want to ensure its processing accuracy, finally the equipment must be repeatedly adjusted to meet the requirements. Before leaving the factory, the parallelism of general upper and lower work table shall not exceed 0.1mm.

The cutting machine of a lot of manufacturer can appear after using a period of time pressure is not even, it is caused by following a few reasons commonly:

1. Long-term overpressure use;

2. The knife die is used for a long time on the large workbench, and it is used off-center;

3. Long-term use of the cutting die before and after or left and right;

4. Buy low-quality, low-price machines from small factories.

The above reasons will lead to the cutting machine pressure is not even, I hope you can help.