Automatic Cutting Machine To Distinguish Good And Bad Method

- Dec 03, 2020-

1. the first need to check the appearance, that is, the basic spray color, look at the appearance is not only the surface layer, but also the interior, oil cylinder, chassis and work table; There is also a need to test the difference between a machine and an old machine.

2. listen to the sound is also can distinguish good and bad, so it is able to determine whether it is a new machine, if it is a new equipment is not noisy, only the motor will be exhausted will send out abnormal sound, then prove that the equipment has a problem.

3. electrical control box opening is generally do not need a key, can be opened readily, then you need to check the box circuit is normal.

4. there is a need to check the operation of flexible, check the production efficiency of blister equipment, check the quality of products after blanking is how.

How should we normally install the cutting machine? Below fully automatic cutting machine xiaobian to talk about for you;

1. need to pay attention to the equipment should be placed on the level of the cement floor, and the need to check whether all parts are complete, check whether all the lines are smooth.

2. for the equipment cleaning needs to pay attention to, to avoid the equipment on the workbench debris.

3. The injection of hydraulic oil shall be carried out after the installation of equipment, and the oil level shall be kept above the oil filter screen.

4. When the power is connected, the device needs to press the button to start. The steering of the motor needs to be adjusted so that its steering is the same as that of the arrow.