Cause Of No Pressure On Automatic Cutting Machine

- Dec 01, 2020-

There are mainly the following reasons why the automatic cutting machine has no pressure:

I. Oil leakage in the hydraulic system;

There is oil leakage in the hydraulic system, seals or tubing of the automatic cutting machine. When there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system, the pressure inside the system cannot be established. Of course, there is no pressure in the cutting machine. The sound of the oil being squeezed is usually heard when the oil inside the system is pressurized, and you can find it by paying attention.

2. Insufficient oil absorption or damaged oil pump;

Full automatic cutting machine if the hydraulic oil is too little, filter blockage will cause the oil pump can not absorb or absorb oil is insufficient, the oil pump can not absorb enough hydraulic oil can not output the corresponding pressure. Damage to the oil pump will also cause the output pressure of the oil pump is not enough, 80% of the oil pump with problems will have greater noise, when the automatic cutting machine has greater noise, we have to check the oil pump first.

3. Solenoid valve damage;

There is a high probability of damage to the automatic cutting mechanical and electrical magnetic valve. When there is no pressure after three years of use of the cutting machine, the solenoid valve should be checked. At present, there is no better way to test the solenoid valve, so it can only be replaced.

4. Oil cylinder sealing ring is damaged;

The automatic cutting oil cylinder is a pressure actuator. After the seal ring is damaged, the pressure oil will leak into the oil tank and cannot generate pressure. It is difficult to check the seal ring damage. But there is a very practical method, hydraulic cutting machine fuselage even to a high point, see if the slide, if the slide proves that the cylinder sealing ring is damaged (provided that there is no other leakage in the system, solenoid valve is also new).

5. Differential valve does not close when pressurizing;

The differential valve should be closed when the full automatic cutting machine is pressurized. If it is not closed, the pressure output will be affected. It is very simple to check whether the differential valve is closed or not: check whether the indicator light of the differential valve is off or whether the cutting machine is decelerated before pressurization.