Common Sudden Failures Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Jul 19, 2019-

1. Motor noise is too large during hydraulic cutting operation

Analysis may be that the hydraulic oil has not been replaced or the filter is clogged, the motor is aging, and after checking a series of problems, it can be replaced and maintained one by one.

2. Sudden shutdown during hydraulic cutting operation.

Analyze whether or not to press which button (emergency button), because the device has 3 trip switches 3 relays (ABC), A is control button B is deceleration, C emergency switch.

3. Hydraulic cutting machine will burn insurance

Analysis, check the control circuit and the main circuit, and then confirm whether the overload or slurry load causes burn-in insurance. If it is the insurance of the control circuit, it means that the control is damaged or there is a short circuit on a line, and the phone needs to be processed by the supplier.