Correct Using Time Of Hydraulic Oil In Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Oct 15, 2019-

Correct using time of hydraulic oil in hydraulic cutting machine

The reasons for the leakage outside the hydraulic cutting machine system are as follows: 

1), the pipe joint is loose or the sealing ring is damaged, which should be solved by tightening the joint or replacing the sealing ring;

2), there is an external leakage at the joint surface of the component, which is mainly caused by the insufficient pretightening force of the fastening screw and the abrasion of the sealing ring. In this case, the pretightening force should be increased or the sealing ring should be replaced.

3), because the pressure inside the component shell is higher than the allowable pressure of the oil seal at the shaft neck or the oil seal is damaged and causes external leakage, the pressure inside the shell can be reduced or the oil seal can be replaced to solve the problem;

4) external leakage occurs at the dynamic fit, such as the piston stem valve stem due to poor installation, small pre-pressure of v-shaped sealing ring or damaged oil seal and external leakage, then should timely replace the oil seal, adjust the pre-tightening force of v-shaped sealing ring.

Due to the oil pressure cutting machine relief valve set pressure is high, three position four-way valve function is Y type, so the hydraulic pump drain pipeline is closed, so, after the pump started, the pump and the exhaust oil tube air can not be discharged, pump suction cavity can not form a part of the vacuum, so the hydraulic oil can not be sucked up.If the three-position four-way reversing valve is changed to H type, the air in the oil pipe and part of the air in the pump can be discharged into the oil tank through the reversing valve, the oil suction cavity of the hydraulic pump can form a part of the vacuum, so the pump can normally absorb oil.

Because the oil filter of the hydraulic press is also installed on the suction pipe, in order to avoid causing the hydraulic pump 4 oil absorption is not free, or cavitation phenomenon, and at the same time to ensure the accuracy of the oil filter.The choice is medium precision line gap type filter.The oil filter 7 for the first filtration is installed on the oil outlet line of the hydraulic pump.It is a paper core type oil filter with higher accuracy than oil filter 3.After the filtration, the size of impurity particles in the hydraulic oil of the cutting machine can be basically controlled within 25.

Filter accuracy is generally based on the highest sensitivity to impurities in the system components to choose.For the first use of the system filter should be timely cleaning cycle is shorter, after the requirements of the manual cycle or according to the filter before and after the degree of pressure increase.

Long - term use of hydraulic oil quality will deteriorate.However, it is difficult to determine the service life of the cutting machine hydraulic oil, it depends on the working conditions of the type of hydraulic equipment system and used materials and management of the great difference, the service life can only be roughly estimated.

Of course, oil change will affect the performance and service life of the hydraulic system, so that the failure rate increased significantly;And change oil too early can cause economic waste again.Most systems change oil about 2 or 3 years, with good maintenance management, the actual service life can be 4-6 years, the working time is not long may be longer.

Choosing the ideal filter element structure is the key to achieve the cleanliness goal of the system.The core of the filter element of the hydraulic cutting machine is the filter material.Under the condition that the filter material has the same pore diameter absolute filtration accuracy, the fiber of the filter material is relatively fine, the same filtration area has more pores, so that the filter core has a higher pollution capacity and a smaller pressure loss.And between the fiber of filter material knot house solid, lest its fiber because of pressure and flow fluctuation and swing, cause contaminant particle to pass through the filter material, also can avoid fiber shedding into the hydraulic medium to cause new pollution.

Where possible, the filter element with larger filter area should be used, because the flow density of filter material per unit area can be reduced to better capture and dye particles, thus extending the life of the filter element.Since many of the contaminant particles are made of iron and steel, a strong magnetic magnet in the proper position of the filter helps to extend the life of the filter element.