Cutting Machine​ Enterprise's Own Technological Reform To Promote Green Production

- May 31, 2019-

Cutting machine enterprise's own technological reform to promote green production

The protection of the environment, whether it is the government or the individual, regards this as a major event. After all, there is no green living environment, then our health will not be guaranteed! In the industrial industry as well, at home and abroad for green manufacturing The growing concern is largely dependent on political reasons.

Pollution and environmental waste have become a political issue for the development of a country. Environmental waste and pollution are often solved by the government of the cutting machine garden using political means to formulate laws and regulations, rather than the technical reform of the business group or enterprise.

The EU has successively issued three green directives, wEEE.RoHS and EuP, using government and political pressure to formulate laws and regulations, support green manufacturing with environmental protection requirements, formulate economic mechanisms, market strategies, and implement effective cutting machines for green manufacturing. And the development of cutting machines.

Many countries have introduced environmental regulations to constrain and guide the development of the manufacturing industry, and promote the greening process through the legislative provisions from the legislative system, which will inevitably lead to the greening of enterprises.