Cutting Machine From Automation To Intelligent Upgrade​

- Jun 10, 2019-

Cutting machine from automation to intelligent upgrade

Social development has been gradually upgraded from automation to intelligence, and machinery is not deceiving. Therefore, only the intelligence of machinery can absolutely improve production efficiency. At present, the cutting machine equipment with very high degree of automation is generally controlled by computer. Moving head cutting machine, laser cutting machine, high pressure water jet cutting machine and computer cutting machine.

One of the equipments to be introduced today is a projection cutting machine imported from abroad. The equipment is equipped with an oscillating cutter and a visual observation device for the contour scanning of the leather or projection on the leather. Guide the cutting staff to arrange the arranging of the blanking template on the leather. With the continuous improvement of the technological level of modern people, the cutting machine industry is constantly developing, the technology is continuously improved, and the products are getting more and more advanced. Moreover, the cutting machine is an indispensable device for some light industry. The progress of the cutting machine will help the company to improve the level of automation

Automatic mobile head punching machine

In the conventional concept, the cutting machine is a machine that presses the material by means of the force of the machine motion to cut the material. However, modern cutting machines have undergone some changes, and advanced technology such as high-pressure water jets and ultrasonic waves have been used in leather punching technology, but these devices are still classified in the cutting machine.

Mechanical transmission cutting machines, although there are still manufacturers continue to produce, some small, individual manufacturers are still using, but this form of cutting machine is bound to be eliminated. The hydraulic drive cutting machine is still in the mainstream. Among the hydraulic cutting machines, a large number of rocker-type cutting machines with a tonnage of 14-18 tons are used. Flat and gantry cutting machines are mostly used for relatively large manufacturers, and are more suitable for punching of man-made materials. The automatic cutting machine has already been used in China. Due to the improvement of the modernization of the manufacturing industry, there may be a certain market in the near future.