Cutting Machine Installation And Operation Instructions

- Jul 22, 2019-


1. First turn the cutting machine depth controller (fine adjustment knob) to zero.

2. Turn on the power switch, press the oil pump start button, run for two minutes at no load, and observe whether the system is normal.

3. Stack the push-pull plate, rubber plate, workpiece and die in the middle of the table.

4. Pair the die (die setting).

1. Loosen the handle of the knife and naturally lower the bottom and lock it.

2. Turn the switch to the right and prepare for trial.

3. Double-click the green button to make a trial, and the punching depth is controlled by fine tuning.

4. Fine-tuning: Turn the fine-tuning button to decrease the left-hand rotation and the right-hand rotation.

5. Stroke adjustment: Rotating the rise height controller, the right-hand rotation stroke is increased, the left-hand rotation stroke is reduced, and the stroke can be freely adjusted within the range of 50-200mm (or 50-250mm). In normal production, the upper pressure is about 50mm from the top of the die. .


Special Note: Each time the die, workpiece or pad is replaced, the stroke must be set again. Otherwise, the die and pad will be damaged.

Following the continuous development of China's cutting work, the demand and requirements for cutting machine products are gradually improving. And such progress brings more motivation for the advancement of work skills. In the future work, skill innovation is naturally the first priority, and skill advancement is necessary. This is the most important condition for high-speed work and market demand.

As everyone knows, China's cutting work itself is relatively late, and there are still some industrial legacy questions. Following the acceleration of the transition to promotion, all kinds of questions can not be prevented from appearing. This is obviously a stop for the work of the transition period.

In order to carry out intensive roads and carry out intensive roads, China's cutting machine work must go to the "low input, high output" operating policy. This demand cuts the company to initiate innovation from many aspects.

The need for cutting work requires internal training and refining. The primary requirement is to change concepts, establish long-term development concepts and formulate feasible development guidelines. And continue to improve the company's handling level, improve the overall efficiency, rationally optimize the department structure, prevent human capital and the moment of dross, optimize the company's internal competition mechanism, improve the work essence of employees, and promote the construction of work brands.

On the basis of cultivating the brand of the monomer company, through consistent and harmonious, multiple functional departments participated in the implementation of the regional brand-name training project, and supported the registration and application of the work group trademark. Using the brand agglomeration effect, the company will gather all the shares of the industry.

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