Cutting Precision Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- May 22, 2019-

The extent to which the cutting precision of the automatic cutting machine is normal and the advantages of the non-metallic pad

With the development of the cutting machine industry, the hydraulic cutting machine has been widely used with the passage of time. It is well known that the cutting precision of the hydraulic cutting machine is much higher than that of the mechanical hydraulic cutting machine, especially the precision. Hydraulic hydraulic cutting machine.

According to the standard requirements, the cutting precision of hydraulic hydraulic cutting machine can't be greater than 0.1mm, but it is often higher than this value in actual use. I have seen the machine precision of more than 2mm used for 3 years, and there are still many cases.

1. What are the effects of poor accuracy?

I think the impact of poor machine accuracy can be experienced by all users, and the efficiency is low: the performance is often continually cut or the middle can be cut around and there is a cut, need to use a knife or scissors to cut off, which also greatly reduces The working efficiency; the cutting pad consumption is too fast: after cutting for a period of time, the middle or a certain position of the pad is recessed in advance, and the pad is scrapped in advance, which invisibly increases the production cost; the die is easy to break: often has a knife The mold was broken for no reason.

2, the machine accuracy depends on what factors

Machine accuracy depends on three aspects: machining accuracy, hydraulic system stability, and electrical control stability. Hydraulic system parts and electrical components are generally purchased, the quality is in good order: full import → joint venture brand → domestic (of course this is not absolute), so the basic problem of buying a large factory or brand is not big. . The rest is mainly the mechanical part. Because the domestic manufacturers have different residuals, the machining precision and process are very different.

3, how to control or reduce the error of machine accuracy

The control reduces the precision error into two parts: the manufacturer and the user: the above-mentioned manufacturers mainly start from the aspects of improving the machining precision of the machine and the whole process flow; as the user, the machine is mainly done. daily.

However, in recent years, many industries have higher and higher requirements for product quality. For example, the plastic products required for the electronics industry and foreign trade export have higher requirements for their product quality. The edges of the product are smooth and have no burrs. This also occurs when the cutting machine cuts the material directly using the die to cut the steel plate. The cutters of the cutting machine manufacturers directly cut the steel plate to make the products have a good effect, and the edges are smooth and free of burrs, which greatly improves the product quality.

However, in the pursuit of product quality, it also puts more stringent conditions on the hydraulic cutting machine. At present, most machines in the market do not meet the appeal requirements according to strict conditions. Why?

Let's take a look: the better precision of the cutting machine manufacturers will be controlled within 0.1mm, the small manufacturers will exceed 0.2mm plus the reaction time of the hydraulic system reaction time and depth adjustment time relay, the actual accuracy Will be greater than the appeal value. To be able to meet the requirements, the repeating cutting accuracy of the machine should not exceed 0.05mm.