Cutting Pressure Setting Of Cutting Machine

- Sep 28, 2020-

 1. After completing the setting of the die, put the cut material on the pad, then put the die on the cut material, and then push the cardboard into the cutting operation area.

2. Press the two work switches (green button) with both hands. At this time, the cutting platen will descend and pressurize to the die. After the knife die cuts the material, it will automatically rise to the position before starting and stopping (a cutting machine with pressure holding function), and it will rise after delaying the holding pressure.

3. When cutting the material, if you find that the cut material is not completely cut, please adjust the cutting depth controller and turn the "cutting depth" knob clockwise; if the knife mold is pressed into the backing plate too deeply, it will "cut" "depth" ”(Depth) knob rotates counterclockwise. The larger the knob rotation value, the deeper the cutting depth. Slowly increase the rotation range and try to adjust it until the die is gently pressed into the backing plate.