Daily Maintenance Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Oct 11, 2019-

The mechanically driven cutting machine generally has a high cutting speed of about 250 beats/min; its punching speed is a variable value, and the average punching speed is: 200 mm/sec. The cutting speed of the hydraulic cutting machine is generally: greater than 75 mm / sec.

The difference between the mechanically driven cutting machine and the hydraulically driven cutting machine is mainly determined by the different characteristics of the two transmissions: the mechanical transmission is a rigid transmission, and the hydraulic transmission does have a certain flexibility.

The inspection of the cutting machine is mainly a daily inspection. The main content is related to equipment vibration, noise, looseness, temperature rise, pressure, flow and so on. Generally, the performance of the machine and the working state can be judged from the appearance of the sensor in the running state of the device, the state of the sensory, the simple instrument, and the state of the processed product.

The routine maintenance personnel of the cutting machine must be familiar with the equipment structure and comply with the operation and maintenance procedures.

Before the start of work (shifting or interrupting work), the main part of the machine should be inspected and lubricated.

In the class, the equipment is strictly used according to the equipment operation rules. Pay attention to the operation status of the equipment, and find problems in time for processing or reporting.

Before the end of each shift, a cleaning work should be carried out and the friction surfaces and bright surfaces should be lubricated.

The machine is fully cleaned and inspected every two weeks in normal two-shift work.

If the machine is to be used for a long time, wipe all the shiny surfaces and apply anti-rust oil, cover the whole machine with a plastic cover.

Do not use unsuitable tools and unreasonable tapping methods when disassembling the machine.

Regularly maintain the machine, regularly and irregularly check the circuit (especially the safety electric eye) oil circuit, each cutting machine fixed personnel operation, the person stops the machine, do not remove the safety shield, the machine maintenance and maintenance, professional operation, strengthen the operator Safety awareness for safety training. Safety is a long-term job As long as there is always a sense of security in the mind, security issues will no longer be a problem.

The cutting machine is changed from the foot to the hand, and the hand is pressed and changed into two hands at the same time, and then pressed from the hands to the safety eye. Every improvement makes security even better.