Daily Maintenance Of Intelligent CNC Cutting Machine

- Jul 02, 2019-

What should be paid attention to during the daily maintenance of the cutting machine?

There is bound to be friction in the operation of the machine. As long as there is friction, it must be lossy. If the result of excessive loss has only one result, then it will cause loss, the life of the machine will inevitably shorten, and the cutting machine will make us use it daily. For more frequent types of machinery, it is very important that all the lubrication of the mechanical joints is done. Let's take a look at the automatic cutting machine.


Intelligent CNC cutting machine


Determine the amount of fuel in the lubrication part of the cutting machine equipment to prevent waste and to control equipment leakage;

Fixed point

Determine the lubrication point and checkpoint of the lubrication part of the equipment

Determine the responsibility of the operator or maintenance worker for the lubrication work


Use oil according to the grease grade specified in the machine manual;


Refuel, add oil and clean oil according to the time specified in the machine manual to ensure timely lubrication.

Cutting machine lubrication is an important measure to reduce the wear and tear of parts during operation to avoid malfunctions. The mechanical cutting machine has poor lubrication of bearings and causes accidents such as heat and seizure. Therefore, lubrication work is one of the important contents of cutting machine maintenance.